an askblog and central fanfic hub for a modern hiccup caught up in a world of magic he never would have believed existed if he hadn't first found that dragon egg.

Your name is Hiccup Haddock III and all you want is to make it through the rest of high school no more emotionally scathed than you already are.  And maybe get your dad to understand you more but that really might be a lost cause at this point.

You were never one for fairy tales. The elders of the seaside town you call home like their folk tales and lore but they were just stories told to kids.

Or so you thought up until that weird rock you brought home from the beach hatched a dragon.

Something told you this was only the beginning.

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    Is this an actual au? Could it be?
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    Man oh man~ This is becoming quite the walk through memory lane
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    Normally I don;t like the crossover of these four movies but this is really intriguing and I think it is implying Merida...
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